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WPB Inquiry

Welding Products Business Inquiry Form
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1. Application in details (if possible, sketch) :
2. Job description (Joining / Hardfacing / Build UP)
3. Component details  
  Chemical Composition  
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Present Hardness
  • Expected Hardness after repairs

Dimensional & Physical details

Original Size & Weight Kgs
Present Size & Weight Kgs
  Repairing required on site or job can be sent to Factory ?
  Remnant Thickness where weld repair is to be carried out
  Is marking of worn portion made on drawing ?
4. Determine the principal reason for surface deterioration
  Input and output size of material reqd to process
  Wear is Liquid or air medium
  Dynamic/ Static application
If Dynamic load condition - RPM of operating system
  Input / Output feed rate
  Direction of material
  Operating temperature
  If Wear involved due to
  Particle size, shape & concentration
  Velocity of impingement
  Angle of attack
  Quantity of abrasive particles per cm3 of air/liquid
  Medium of corrosion
  Details of acid with PH value
  Relative hardness of the abrading and abraded material Gauging abrasion/High stress abrasion/Low stress abrasion
  Impact forces encountered in use
  Metal to Metal contact
5. Present life of Component in Kgs of material and Hours
6. Expected life of Component in Kgs of material and Hours
7. Cost of replacement
8. Lost production costs
9. Cost of consequential damage to other equipment
10. Time scale for replacement
11. Previous thermal history
12. Stress relieve cracking in the Surfacing Premissible or not ?
13. Heating of job permissible or not ?
14. Previous methods of fabrication - Welding, brazing, Thermal spray etc.
15. Any limitation for weld surfacing process SMAW/F CAW/SAW etc.
16. Any particular level of penetration is expected
17. Can the part be used as - 'deposited', need it be machined ?
18. If reqd to be machined - How much distortion is permissible ?
19. Final inspection required if any
20. Specific requirement (if any)
21. Previously used products / services ofWRTPL/Any other make
22. Kind of assistance required (please specify in detail)
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