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" Wear and Tear doctors to core sector industry."    
About Wearresist
        Mission Statement
        Quality Policy
        Being Doctors to Core Sector Industry
        R & D and Custom Solutions
        About Us
        WPD Division
        CPD Division
        MPD Division
        Cement Industry
        Steel Industry
        Sugar Industry
        Forging Industry
        Power Industry
        Railway Industry
        Foundry Industry
        Paper & Pulp Industry
        CPD Products
                100% Solid Epoxy
                     X’tra Performance Linings (XPL)
                     X’tra Floor Linings
                     X’tralife Repair & Maintenance Composites
                X’tralife Speciality Chemical Products
                X’tralife Speciality Ultra Coatings
                Thermal Spray Coatings
                     WBTCL at Rangawat
        WPD Products
                M & R Welding Alloys
                     Alloy Steel Alloys
                     High Alloy Steel Alloys
                     Stainless Steel Alloys
                     Nickel Cobalt / Complex Alloys
                     Metal Preparation Alloys
                     Wear Protection Alloys
                     Tool Steel Alloys
                     Cast Iron Alloys
                     Non Ferrous Alloys
                     Tubular Alloys
                Fluxcored Wires
                     Joining and Fabrication
                     Cast Iron Alloy
                     Metal Preparation Alloy
                     Wear Protection Alloy
                Special Welding Alloys
                     Hot Powder Spray
                     Brazing Alloys
                     X’tralife Paste
                     Eureka Products
                     Broco Ultrathermic Cutting Rod - USA
                Special Equipments
                     Portable CNC Plasma Cutter
                     WRT Wire Feeder
                     WRT Spray Fuse Torch
                     WRT Roll Cladding Machine
                     Portable Borer & Welder
                     WRT HFSP Machine
                Fab Alloys
                     A) JIFFYTEMP 60550
                     B) JIFFYTEMP 601500
        MPD Products
                Casting Products
                     Bi-Metallic Casting
                Composite Wear Plates
                     X’tralife Wear Plates
                     X'tralife NM Wear Plates
                     X’traslim Wear Plate
                     XL-Clad Tube
                     X’trasafe Armour plates
                     X’tracrete Ceramic Composite Compound
                     XL-CERA MAT
                     XL-CERA LAG
                X'tralife Treatment
                Special Products
                     X'tralife Burner Tip
                     X'tralife Screens
                Auxiliaries Products
                     XAR Wear plate
        APB Products
                Strong Hand Tools
                Aquasol Corporation
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