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" Wear and Tear doctors to core sector industry."    

Distribution / Agent Network

WRTPL strongly believes in expanding the use of its technologies and products to  every nook and corner of the world.  For this the company works with local Distributors/Agents to apply following principles:

    1. Professionalism
    2. Win-win relationships
    3. 24 x 7 mentality in providing maintenance and wear solutions. To become the wear & tear doctors in the true way.

Distributors/Agents call upon the local customers in their respective territory to educate customers about WRTPL products and solutions.  Having identified an opportunity, they work closely with WRTPL Experts in giving a solution to the customer and develop a life long bond.


Distributors :


Need to stock WRTPL products to make them available to customers at short notice as breakdowns sometimes are unpredictable. Distributors could be for WPD or CPD products or both depending upon profile.  We are always looking for Distributors both in domestic and international market.


X’tralife repairers :


We also work with workshops who work for local industry to repair or protect parts from wear. Such agencies work with WRTPL recommended WR technologies/consumables to give a ready made solutions to customers.


Existing Distributor Network :


Domestic Distributor
International Distributor


Existing Agent Network :


Domestic Agent
International Agent


Become a networking associate:

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