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MPB Inquiry

Modular Products Business Inquiry Form
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A. Functional /Performance Requirement
  1) What is feed size of particles in to the system ?
  2) Type of material causing wear: Liquid / Semi-Solid / Air
  3) What is output size of particles from system ?
  4) What is the temperature of flowing media ?
  5) Is the application static OR dynamic ?
  6) If erosion, what is the qty. of abrasive particles per cm3 of air/liquid ?
  7) If erosion, what is the velocity of particles ?
  8) If dynamic, application, what is the RPM involved ?
  9) What is the raw material being handled causing wear ?
  10) Hardness of raw material
  11) What is height of fall on to the wear part ?
  12) what is the tonnage of raw material in MT/Hr.
  13) If material is liquid, what is the PH
  14) Is any metal to metal wear involved.
  15) If yes,what is the coefficient of Friction of mating material?
  16) Also what is speed of movement in above case
B. Statutory / Regulatory Requirements
  1) What is the expected life ?
  2) Statutory/regulatory requirement if any
C. Information from Previous Design  
  1) What is present material of construction ?
  2) What is the present life in (Year / Months / Days )
    MT (Production of material)
  3) At what remnant thickness the part is replaced presently ?
  4) What is the present thickness ?
D. Do other Information  
  1) Wear Pattern
  2) Drawing Availability
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