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CPB Inquiry

Coating Products Business Inquiry Form
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1. Substrate
  a) Steel (type)   Concrete  
  b) Location Interior   Exterior  
2. Temperature Check oF() or 0C()
  a) Range   0F/0C to  0F/0C to
  Max. Temp.   0F/0C
3. Environment
  a) Dry.  
  Sat. Gas  
  b) pH Range   to
  c) Chemical   Acids/ Caustics
4. Abrasion/Impact
  a) Flow  
  b) Total Suspended Solids  
  c) Estimated Degree of Abrasion  
5. Area of Unit Size
  a) Dimensions (supply drawings, sketch, photograph)
  b) Please attach Photo
6. Existing Lining
  a) Type of Existing Lining  
  b) Product Name  
  c) Condition  
7. Special Considerations
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