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Self fluxing Chromium Boride / Chromium Carbide pastes. They are applied with oxyacetylene method or carbon arc method.


Oxyacetylene method: The paste is brushed on a ground surface to a thickness of max. 0.5mm. after the paste dries the same may be fuse by a carborize flame. Starting from one point and covering all over. As the fusing start move the flame further so that sweating moves ahead of the flame.


Carbon arc method: the paste of upto 1.5mm thickness is applied surface. After drying the pointed carboweld electrode is used for fusing the same. The electrode has to be used with a DC welding machine, negative polarity with amperage depending on paste / base plate thickness but not less than 125 amps. The wearing should be done of upto 25mm and fusing advance with care to avoid air entrapment of inclusion in the deposit. Successful weaving passes should overlap existing ones by ¼ widths.

The Categories are as follows :
XL-70 Paste – 100% Chromium Boride based Paste
Hardness: 68-72 Rc.
XL-60 Paste – 100% Chromium Carbide based Paste
Hardness:  58-62 Rc.



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