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 X’tralife NM Wear Plate
They have higher carbide contents and chromium levels compared to their corresponding grades in X’tralife wear plates.

With all composite weld deposits, it is common for fine cracks to form across all weld seams. These cracks do not propagate into the base material and will not affect the wearability of the overlay.
The Grades are as under
XL-NM2K     C, Cr, Mn, Si 59-61 Rc
XL-NM2K 1C, Cr, Mn, Si, Nb62-64 Rc
XL-NM2K 2C, Cr, Mn, Si, Nb, B62-64 Rc
XL-NM2K 3C, Cr, Mn, Si, Nb, Mo, V, W63-66 Rc
XL-NM2K 4             C, Cr,  Mn, Si, Nb, Mo, V, W, Co             63-66 Rc


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