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" Wear and Tear doctors to core sector industry."    

The Wear doctors for Indian core – sector industry presents the modular concept of wear protection using X’tralife wear plates.These wear plates are constituted of a steel backed superlative wear resistant cladding. Manufacturing of these plates by a specialized fusion bonding process offers a significant advantages in terms of lowest dilution levels, highest concentration of carbides and superlative resistance to abrasion. X’tralife wear plates ushers in a new era of wear protection for design and maintenance engineers over traditional wear protection using Mn-steel Ni-Hard, hi-chrome , Heat Tretaed , stainless steel of hardfacing by welding.

The Various grades are as under
XL-CC For moderate abrasion and moderate impactCr, C, Mn, Si, W 60-65 Rc
XL-CP For abrasion and low angle impact erosionCr, C, Mn, Si, W, V, B60-65 Rc
XL-ECOFor moderate abrasion and impactCr, C, Mn, B, Si, W56-59 Rc
XL-55MNFor abrasion resistance and erosion Cr, C, Mn, V, Mo, W60- 65 Rc
XL-55For moderate abrasion and severe impact temp. resistance 650°CCr, C, Mn, Mo, Si, W55-58 Rc
XL-61For severe abrasion and moderate impactCr, C, Nb, Mn, Si, W60-64 Rc
XL-65For severe abrasion resistance and high hot hardness up to 800°CCr, C, Nb, V, Mo, Mn, Si, W63-66 Rc
XL-IMP For severe impact  Cr, C, Mn, Si, Nb, TiAs deposited   28-30 RcWork Hardened   48-52 Rc



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