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" Wear and Tear doctors to core sector industry."    
 Flux cored Wires

WRTPL offers Open arc, Submerged arc and Gas shielded flux cored wires for wide range of application like Joining, Wear-protection, Repairing and Build-up to meet requirements of various industries.


WRTPL Open Arc FCAW wire deposits additional paybacks than common wires like maximum productivity, Deposit efficiencyease of use etc.

Many alloys, sizes and packages are available.


WRTPL Submerged Arc FCAW use a particular flux to tailor the resulting deposit / wear characteristics for your particular application along with FCAW wire.


WRTPL Gas shielded FCAW offers outstanding Arc Stability - Consistent and stable arc behavior makes all the difference in cutting time from procedural set-up and getting the joining / hardfacing deposit and appearance characteristics you expect.

Products available include Flat and horizontal flux cored wires for welding carbon steels designed for use with CO2 or Ar + CO2 shielding gas. Flat and horizontal wires deliver the kind of performance welders seek most for maximum welding productivity excellent arc stability, low spatter, good weld bead appearance, and easy to remove slag.


Fluxcored Wires

 Joining and Fabrication Alloys
 Cast Iron Alloys
 Metal Preparation Alloys
 Wear Protection Alloys
·          Work Hardening Alloys
Buildup Alloys
Abrasion Alloys
 Chromium Carbide Alloys

2.     Complex Carbide Alloys

3.     Martensite Alloys

4.     Tungsten Carbide Alloys

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